Hi beautiful Simple Stories friends, Cristina here with you today to show you a new project I made with a brand new collection Bro & Co. This is a collection very useful for boy memories, full of colors and designs that perfectly match with daily elements for a young boy.

I have no boys in my life, not young neither old, ahahahahaha so I decided to use this beautiful collection to keep memories of a young man so precious for someone else I deeply know and love.

I chose a really amazing patterned paper with tiny triangles and I used it as a base of my page, then I cut out a beautiful cut file, you can find it on the simple stories silhouette store. I used a lovely camera and cut it from a wood patterned paper from the Sn@p Wood Basics collection that I totally fell in love with. The paper really seems to made from real wood!

I really enjoyed playing with these elements, colors and designs, they are totally different than those I usually use but I think creative person can always go ahead and try to match her taste with other ones. We can learn so much about ourselves and discover so many other
creative ways to improve our creativity.

I chose my decorative elements from all the products available. I totally love the high quality, chipboard, foam stickers, ephemera die-cuts and enamel dots. You can really choose by so many different elements for your own projects, I totally loved the shoes, the earphones, the old tape that reminds me of how I listened to music in my youth.

That’s my project and I hope you like it and can get any kind of inspiration from it. Please don’t forget to leave us a comment below and tell us what your ideas are on how to use this collection.


If a sunny day has you longing for a walk in the woods, the Simple Stories Simple Vintage Great Escape Collection is for you!

The collection is loaded with vintage images of flora and fungi straight out of your favorite field guide!   I love the realistic images that are a feast for the eyes.

The prints include plaids, stripes, topographical prints, geographical maps and watercolor wash botanical prints.

The colors are a sumptuous mix of mint, greens, rusty earth tones, and a pop of aqua.

This collection has all the goodies you expect from Simple Stories like Chipboard, bits and pieces die cut images, stickers, washi and decorative brads.  Everything is perfectly color coordinated so you know it’s all going to match perfectly.

My cards were made with the 6x8” paper pad that is ideal for card makers.   I layered the papers over solid cardstock prints from the basics pack.  It’s perfect for adding layers and breaking up prints.

I love the inspiration sentiments that encourage me to make the most of every day, to enjoy the simple things, and discover the wonder and beauty of nature!

Whenever I go for a hike I can’t resist stopping at every treasure I find – an animal track, a mushroom or lichen, or pretty flower or butterfly, or just the sound of a woodpecker knocking on a tree.

These cards make perfect notes for the nature lover’s in my life! I think the images are just gorgeous and I know they will too!


Hey everyone, Michelle here today with a new layout to share using the  Kate & Ash collection.  I started off this layout by cutting out some banners from the Simple Stories cut files in the silhouette store.  I used the Sweet Banner and the Love Banners.

After my banners were cut, I stitched around each one with my sewing machine using black thread.  I wanted to add pops of black since m y photo was black & white.

My favorite thing about this layout is the title and sweet banner.  As soon as I saw the word Sassy in the foam stickers pack, I knew this was the photo I had to use!

I added a lot of little embellishment clusters on this layout.  Lots of word stickers and enamel dots (these are my fave!!)

I really enjoyed working with this collection.  The colors and patterns are so much fun!

Thanks for stopping by!


Hi! I´m back and in a very  special way! Today I will show one of my favorite projects ever! A rainbow that will make you smile every time you see it! I'm Celes from GuiadeManualidades.com and I’m inviting you to create your own rainbow…

I've been planning this project for weeks. Preparing all cutting files and trying them to make sure everything will work in the best way. And…. here it is! Finally! My Rainbow Album for all of you!

I prepared all the cutting files for this mini book. You will find the archives in .FCM (Brother ScanNCut), .SVG (for other cutting machines), .PDF (for printing and cutting by hand), .PNG, .DXF and .studio3 (in this case you will have one file with all you need)

The first thing you need to download all the cutting files (the ones you need according to your cutting machine or if you are going to cut by hand).

IMPORTANT: if you are using a cutting machine, before cutting you material, please try all go them. Just cut them in paper and check that every piece fit in the correct way. This will help you in case you need to resize some of them.

My final project is around  10 3/4” w x 5 1/2” h.

I will explain some details of the cutting files first. You will find a lot of cutting files. The first one is “RAINBOW-BASE-AND-INTERIOR”: use it to cut 2 pieces of stable cardboard and two pieces of white paper. The second one is “SHAKER-FOAM-ACETATE/SHAKER-FOAM/SHAKER-ACETATE”: you will use the one that fits better according to your cutting machine.  Use it to cut 2 pieces white foam (the rainbow with the inside stripes) and 1 piece of acetate (rainbow outline). The third one is “SHAKER-RAINBOW-COLOR-PAPERS-COMPLETE/ OR 1,2,3,4,5”: you will use the one that fit better according to your cutting machine (you will find some with all the 5 pieces or one for each color) use it to cut the pieces of the rainbow (choose 5 of your 6 colors). The fourth one is “RAINBOW-PAPER-BORDER”: you will use the one that fits better according to your cutting machine. You have to cut 3 or 4 strips of white cardstock to cover all the rainbow shaker outlines. If you prefer not to cover the foam border, you don’t need to use this file. The fifth one is “BACK-RAINBOW-COMPLETE/OR 1,2,3,4,5”: you will use the one that fits better according to your cutting machine. Use it to cut the pieces for our back rainbow. Remember to use the same colors as the ones for the cover. The sixth one is “INTERIOR-PAGE”: you will use the one that fits better according to your cutting machine. Use it to cut 2 pages of each color you chose for the inside of the album (6 colors, 12 pages in total). The seventh is “INTERIOR-PAGE-DECORATIVE”: you will use the one that fit better according to your cutting machine. Use it to cut the interior pages (design paper) to add to your color pages. Cut as many as you like. It will depend on the way you decorate every page.

First thing to do is to prepare the stable cardboard pieces. For my project I cut 2 pieces of stable cardboard using the cutting file “RAINBOW-BASE-AND-INTERIOR”. And I cut 2 extra pieces of stable cardboard of  2 1/2" w x 4 1/8" h. You have to use white cardstock to cover all the pieces of the structure. Once you finish that, you can glue all pieces together.

Now we have to make 2  basic spines. For making them cut 2 pieces of white cardstock paper of 11 1/4" w x 3 7/8" h. Then you have to scored it in 2", 2 1/2", 3", 3 1/4", 3 3/4", 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2", 5 3/4", 6 1/4", 6 3/4", 7", 7 1/2", 8", 8 1/4", 8 3/4", 9 1/4”.  As a result you are going to have 2 classic spines with 5 hinges each one. Another detail you can add are small strips of color paper between them. As my pages are going to be in rainbow colors, you can use those papers to cut the small strips. We are going to use 6 color papers for the inside of the album. The first and the last strip will be bigger than the other ones. So, you need to cut 4 strips of your first color (pink in my case) of 3/8" w x 5" h. And then, you will cut 2 strips of each one of the other colors (5 colors) of 1/8" w x 5"  h. Glue them in the right place. Once your spines are ready, you can glue them in the interior of the mini album structure. While you are doing it, please check that they are aligned.

Now we are going to work on the cover. The first thing to make is the shaker. Cut 2 pieces of white foam and 1 piece of acetate using the cutting file “SHAKER-FOAM-ACETATE/SHAKER-FOAM/SHAKER-ACETATE” in the way I explained before. Glue both pieces of foam together. Then, you have to glue the new piece to the cover. Let it dry off as much time as it needs.

Then, cut 1 piece of each color (the 5 colors you chose for your cover) using the cutting file “SHAKER-RAINBOW-COLOR-PAPERS-COMPLETE/ OR 1,2,3,4,5” in the way I explained before. Besides, choose five colors of small beads to fill the shaker. Please, choose the same colors as the papers you cut before.

Once the foam piece has dry off, fill it with the five colors of small beads. Place and glue the acetate piece. Let it dry off as much time as it needs. Then, you can glue each piece of the rainbow in the right place.

Another detail to add is to cover all the rainbow shaker outlines. You can use the cutting file “RAINBOW-PAPER-BORDER”. This is optional. 

To close the album we are going to make a simple stripe of paper. Cut 3 pieces of white cardstock of 1" w x 4 1/2” h. Glue them together.  Besides, cut 1 piece of foil paper of 3/4" w x 4 1/2” h. Glue the foil paper on top of the first piece we made (add one magnet, place it on one end of the strip). Let it dry off and then score it in 1" and 3 1/2”.

Glue it in the center of the structure but before remember to add the other magnet. Once this is ready, you can finally add the 2 pieces of white cardstock we cut at the beginning.

Let´s go to the back of the album. Use the cutting file “BACK-RAINBOW-COMPLETE/OR 1,2,3,4,5” in the way I explained before. Cut every color and glue them to the back.

Cover: to complete all the decoration I added some rolled flowers, one wood phrase and some foil hearts. For the flowers, you have to use the same papers that you use before for cutting the shaker. Place them in different places and add your favorite phrase or word. You can use the glue gun for this.

When you finish your cover… it’s time to go to the interior!

Use the cutting file “INTERIOR-PAGE” in the way I explained before. You will cut 2 pages of each color you chose for the inside of the album. Then use the cutting file “INTERIOR-PAGE-DECORATIVE” to cut the interior pages (design paper) to add to your color pages. Cut as many as you like. You will see I decorate every page in different ways. Sometimes I add the design paper page but other times I don´t. You can even make hidden pockets when adding the design paper piece to the color page. Bring all you got to your table… As I always say…  magic begins! You can make as many interior structures as you like. Another idea is to use the strips you have from the cuttings you made for the cover, to make a special rainbow. Glue or sew them at the beginning and at the end and in some places in between. You can add small photos with clips or wooden clothespins. Other idea: make a pocket with vellum and decorative brads.  Use all you have. Die cuts, stickers, chipboards, enamels dots and washi tapes.

Once all your 12 pages are ready it’s time to glue them together and add them to the structure. Glue both pages of the same color but leave the bottom of the rainbow without glue. This will give us the “small pocket” we need to add the page to the album.

To add the final page to the album you need to put glue on every hinge. Remember that every page will have two pockets. Each one for each spine. Put glue in the first pair of hinges and carefully add your page. Check that your page is aligned to your cover. Once the first page is ready, you can keep going with the rest of them.

As you can see, this album has a lot of space for pictures and to keep special memories.

I hope you like this idea! Enjoy the process… and fall in love with your rainbow..

Have a happy day

CUTTING FILES LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wcjoq5kjgax1odd/AADzP4hmiMMIGD50TLZ9gyAma?dl=0


Hi there, it’s Emma back with you today, to share how I’ve used the Bro & Co collection in the Navy Sn@p! Flipbook. I choose to use the 6x8 flipbook with this collection and covered the front with the fun star print 12x12 paper, I literally just cut to size and used double sided sticky tape to attach, then I used a 4x6 element and some chipboard pieces...oh and of course some enamel dots and a little star brad for additional detail. 

I love how you get an assortment of pocket pages in the 6x8 flipbooks. Here I did a couple of layouts to fit in the full 6x8 pages. 

Then for the pocket pages that offer two 4x6 pockets. I used foam sticky tape to layer up stickers and die cuts, I also used some more brads. 

This last image I used the page which gives two smaller 3x4 pockets and a 4x6 pocket below. 

You can also add pages to your flipbooks really easily, so if you were wanting to make it super chunky, then you can! I hope you’ve enjoyed flipping through pictures of my flipbook! If you’d like to see more of how I use simple stories products, pop over to my IG page


Hi! So happy to be here again! I´m Celes from GuiadeManualidades.com and today we are going to create beautiful things together! You are going to fall in love with the new collection… Simple Vintage Great Escape! It’s so wonderful and full of amazing details.

This collection is perfect to prepare a mini book for a special journey. That’s what I’m going to show you today… But this time we are going to combine two types of projects in one big album. We are going to make an album with three journal notebooks and a lot of space for photos, collecting memories and to add everything you want. Let´s get started!

First thing to do is to prepare the stable cardboard pieces. For my project I cut 3 pieces of stable cardboard : #1- 7” w x 8 1/2” h (cut 2 of it), #2- 2 3/4” w x 8 1/2” h. I used two of the collection kit papers and one of the basic kit to cover all the structure. I also picked one design paper for the interior. But, you have to wait to add the inside paper until you prepare the spine.

I made a basic spine but I left some spaces for three journal notebooks. For making it cut a piece of white cardstock paper of 9 1/4” w x 6 1/2” h. Then you have to scored it in 1 ½”, 2”, 2 ½”, 3 1/4”, 3 3/4”, 4 ¼”, 5”, 5 1/2”, 6”, 6 3/4”, 7 1/4”, 7 3/4”.  As a result you are going to have a classic spine with 4 hinges and 3 free spaces between them. As a special detail I added small stripes of color paper between them. Once the spine is ready, you can glue it in the interior of the mini album structure. Please, glue it in the center.

After that, you should add 6 eyelets above and below the spine. We are going to add an elastic cord and they will be ready for our journal books.

Next, we are going to prepare the cover. Before starting with it, you have to pick a decorative ribbon. Glue it to your structure. For decorating the cover I used: one layered frame from the collection, a small picture that I printed before starting, made some flowers with the papers of the Color Vibe collection (in this case I used a model from Paige Evans, you will find it in her store), some foil and foam 3D.

If you like, you can design the cover in a different way. But as I love flowers and chose this very special photo for me… I made this composition. I also added two capital letters for New Zealand (this album is for that special trip that I made a year ago)

Time to go inside!

First, we need to make three journal notebooks of  6” w x 7 1/2” h. You can use three papers from the collection kit to make all the covers. If you have a binding tool it will be fast and easy to make them. In my case, I made 3 notebooks of 10 pages each one.

Besides the notebooks, we have to make four pocket pages. For them you need 4 papers of 13” W x 9” h. Score papers in 6 1/2” (w) and finish the pocket pages. The final measures are 6 1/2” w x 8” h.

We have all we need ready… time to decorate! My favorite part of the creative process! YAY! We are going to decorate all our pages and journal notebooks. You can use all you have. Die cuts, stickers, chipboard, enamels dots, foam alphas, brads, stamps, hemp cord, washi tape. The idea is to leave as much free space as we can to add a lot of pictures. You will see that I added some hidden pockets and special structures in every page. Besides, I added some pockets to the interior of the journal notebooks.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning to make some inside structures as cascade or anything else, you have to add them before you glue the pages together. The same thing happens if you are planning to decorate with some brads as I did.
You can see some of my pages here. When you finish decorating them, you can glue them to the spine.

Remember to decorate your journal notebooks before adding them to the album.

I hope you like this idea! Create as much inside structures as you like and leave a lot of space for your beautiful photos and memories… you are going to love your album!

See you next time!


Hello Simple Stories friends!

Nathalie with you today with a new project that brings all the shades of the rainbow to a page.   The new Color Vibe collection is not just a companion to the amazing Simple Stories collections, but also the best and colorful collection to bring a rainbow to a page.  Let me show you!

All the new texture cardstock of the Color Vibe collection creates the color and interest in the page.  I started with a cut file from Handipaper.  

 I used papers from the Color Vibe Brights and Color Vibe Lights to back the rainbow and large floral of the cut out.  A bit of foam adhesive helps to add dimension to the cut out.

In addition, i used the same papers to back separate floral diecuts making sure i used the same Color Vibe papers for it.   The texture in the cardstock brings extra interest to the diecuts.

I used Color Vibe Basic and Color Vibe  Lights to back the pictures of my little one, and decided to use the Warm White Color Vibe as the background.  Once i attached the picture and rainbow to the page, i added the small floral clusters along with sticker embellishments from the I AM 2020 collection and Magical Birthday collection in coordinating colors.

To complement the colors in the rainbow design on the page, i decided to use Color Vibe Foam Alphas (Pink, Coral, Orange, Yellow, Green, Robin's Egg and Teal) and the  Color Vibe Basics Alpha Sticker alpha.  But before gluing the title down, i created a strip of all the papers i used on the page as a way to anchor the title to the page.

This page is just a small burst of color, and all created with the new COLOR VIBE collections.  Be sure to check the cardstock and foam alphas you will love them!!





Hi Friends, is Dorymar today sharing a gorgeous flipbook with the brand-new Kate & Ash Collection. I have two teens girls and I am in love with this collection. Kate & Ash collection is perfect to document many moments of your teen girl.

I decided to use the 4x6 pink flipbook because is the perfect match for the collection. On the cover, I created a fun collage with the fantastic icons of the collection. They have great colors and fun images. As a title, I used “Hey Girl!” foam sticker from the collection, I think this is the perfect phrase to describe what you can see in the inside of the album.

I used as a background of my cover the b side of the “Super Like” paper. This paper has many colorful dots and I used the enamel dots of the collection to highlight the dots and add a little bit of texture.

I love to add interactive pages on my projects, so here you can see how fun they turned!

Unlike snap albums, flipbooks do not have their own dividers and an excellent way to personalize it is by creating your own page dividers, below you will see how much fun your project can be if you decide to add a different touch to it. To create my pages, I used white cardstock. In these first two pages, I created a page with several flaps and in the other, I created a fun shaker because they are very fashionable these days.

A fun way to use the 2x2 cards is to create fun flaps like these!

Creating your own pages gives you the option to add many more photos in many sizes and allows you to also use the beautiful icons of the collection. This is fantastic!

For this page dividers, I created a different way of pockets.  One of the pages is an envelope and on the other page I incorporated a flap and a side pocket with a tag.

Inside the pocket, you can find two cards to add photos or journaling!

The bellyband on the backside of the page holds to 3.5”x 3.5” cards for a cool interactive look. 

Here you can see how pages match perfectly with the pocket pages included in the album. 

The colors and print on this collection are FABULOUS and when I started to work, I wanted to use all the papers and beautiful icons and I found the perfect way to use them, creating my interactive pages.

I had so much fun during the making, this is a great project to document your teen!  I hope this project inspires you to create your own one.  This is a great way to jump into the new flipbooks, they come in many colors, sizes and you can add extra pages.  Please check all the new products on the Simple Stories page and follow me on my IG page @dorymar_pl.

Happy crafting!


Hello paper crafting friends! Anya here today to share another project for a super fun Kate & Ash collection! I really enjoyed the color palette and patterns in this line! Typewriters are still very popular icons these days and I wanted to make little mini book in its shape.

For the cover I needed more subtle patterned, since there are a lot of die cut details, therefore I used coordinating solids and textured dots papers for it. I also used a few flowers I had on hand to decorate the cover and cut a few leaves with Silhouette to finish the floral cluster.

Next, I cut a bunch of patterned paper overlays for all of the pages and paired them up to coordinate with each other nicely. I always like to see how a little book comes to life in this process step. 

After I add patterned papers to all of the pages, I like to add a few element pieces cards and white frames for photos.

One of my favorite steps is going back and forth adding little details with ephemera, stickers, chipboard and more. Little phrase strips are my most “go to” embellishments in this type of projects! They are perfect to add a little color and meaning to almost any spot!

If you can't remember the last time you made a mini book, maybe it's time to create one. There's just something so satisfying in holding a fresh new handmade mini album! Having a collection of mini books is even more exciting and rewarding! Thank you for visiting and happy crafting!


Teenage boys can be hard to scrapbook about!  Then you add a tough situation and it gets a little more challenging.  Bro & Co was perfect for helping me tell the story of my oldest son waiting for an MRI after having a seizure.  It's not really a moment a mom wants to ever encounter, but since we did, we need to tell the story!

One of the cool things about this collection is that it has so many on-trend items.  I know it will make it easy to scrapbook a lot of everyday moments.

You simply can't go wrong with stars for those boy layouts, no matter what their age is, they work so great.  The colors in this collection really make these ones shine for teenagers.

Patterned papers are also abundant in style and colors for this one.  I couldn't resist this retro striped one.  After cutting it out into a circle, I cut out the stripes on another sheet of it.  Then I layered the circle onto white paper with the additional stripes continuing outward on both sides.

The colors in the stripes then guided me in choosing embellishments and title colors.  My title combines both Foam Stickers and Color Vibe Letters.

While there aren't a ton of elements on this layout, I really gave a workout to the ones I did use.  If you'd like to see more detail on how it came together you can check out my YouTube channel for a full process video.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


Hi everyone! Odessa here. Toady I am sharing some SN@P! pages I made using one of the new Flipbooks and the Simple Vintage Great Escape Collection. I love camping. Planning where we’re going to pitch our tent throughout the summer is one of my favourite things to do in the spring. We have so many beautiful places within a few hours of us and I like to check out as many as I can. Where we live it’s a lot of forest-y campgrounds so Great Escape is perfect to go with all my camping trips!

The new Flipbooks are such a great way to make mini albums that don’t take up too much space on my shelves and work great with the SN@P! cards and embellishments I use in my albums. I used the Simple Vintage Great Escape Wild & Free cardstock to make a cover for the Green Flipbook I chose to match the collection. I was going for kind of a field notes kind of feel with the cover and added a strip of the Time for Adventure cardstock down the edge to mimic a notebook.

To embellish the cover I used one of the Simple Vintage Great Escape Banner Stickers across the front. These stickers are packed with imagery so I kept it simple and used one of the paint chips from the Combo Sticker sheet to fill in the empty frame.

On the first page I have a 4x6 Journal card from the 4x6 Elements card stock with a big tree filled photo underneath it.  I love all the woodsy colours of Great Escape!

I used a phrase sticker and a tab from the Simple Vintage Great Escape 4x6 sticker book to embellish my photo and added in a title using the Basics Alpha Sticker Book. There’s a great range of sizes in some basic colours that make making this title easy.

I love incorporating maps and things like that in my albums, especially from camping trips. I pulled out a map and camping permit to use on this page along with some photos. I used a mix of Washi, Bits & Pieces, stickers, chipboard and brads from Great Escape all over this page. I layered a few different cardstock papers under the camping permit to make it go with the vintage-y look. On the right side I used frames to highlight things. On the night sky photo I used one of the frames from the Combo Sticker sheet. So easy!

One thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is adding instant photo style frames to photos in my layouts. I used the Loose Yourself cardstock to cut a 3x4 frame for the campground map to make it blend in with the page better and added a sweet script chipboard sticker along the bottom. It really helped make the map work with the rest of the layout.

Another reason Simple Vintage Great Escape was so perfect is that I’ve become obsessed with documenting and identifying flowers and plants lately. I used some labels and phrase stickers from the Great Escape 4x6 Sticker book to label my photos in a vintage-y sort of style. I finished it off with a cute 3x4 Journal Card with a chipboard vintage camera stuck on top. It goes great with my plant pics!

Big photos make me so happy! I printed this 6x8 of my boys and kept the embellishing simple with some Bits & Pieces for a title and the ferns and the chipboard hearts and brads along the ferns for a nice border. So simple and sweet.

The last page has a nice trio of photos of my fav guys. I used one of my favourite Simple Vintage Collection things on the 4x6 photo - those little paint chips with colour matched embellishments on top. I think I’ve done that with every collection that’s had them. 

I did another 6x8 layout here, but with a smaller picture. I started by picking out a cardstock background, the hues in Born to Roam are so delicate yet wild. Then I used one of the easy to use Simple Vintage Great Escape Layered Frames over my photo. These frames are an instant way to embellish a photo. I could have stopped there, but I added in some torn paper layers, a couple of small photos and lots of brads and stickers and Bits & Pieces for even more layers!

I hope you enjoyed this look at my SN@P! Flipbook! They are already on their way to becoming a memory keeping staple for me.


Several years ago paper bag albums were all the rage. Today I'm sharing a different take and incorporating the handsome "Bro & Co." Collection! I also have a YouTube video available of the steps to create this unique album!

For the cover, I laminated patterned paper and strung the spine with round elastic cording to hold the pages in place.  

Moving to the inner pages:  I took four standard paper sacks and removed the bottom from two of them so they measured 7.5" wide.  The remaining two sacks were left in their original size and folded along the bottom gusset to create a pocket (see video).  

Between the paper bag pages, I added journal cards in various sizes to make the pages staggered.  Tags were tucked inside the pockets.

This is such a fun take on a classic album and I love the kraft paper look mixed with Bro & Co.!  Again, don't forget to see a complete tutorial on my YouTube Channel.  

Thank you for stopping by!


Hey everyone! It’s Jen today with a layout using the fun, new Kate & Ash collection. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love these papers and embellishments . . . they are the perfect mix of sass mixed with tons of inspiring sayings! Let’s take a look at what I created.

For this project, I selected the elements that I feel best describe me today. I began by layering patterned papers that I cut on an angle and adhered to white cardstock. My goal was to create a banner that includes my photo with tons of embellishments.

There are so many fun elements in this collection that I had a difficult time narrowing down what I wanted to use.

To give the banner more texture, I machine stitched everything in place as well as around the border of my photo and along the bottom of the layout.

Once I was done with the stitching, I added more of the chipboard, die cuts, and stickers to the banner and on the bottom edge of my project. While the majority of the embellishments lay on the banner, I wanted to be sure to add balance by adding a few elements below it as well.

To complete the layout, I added enamel dots and stamped hearts throughout before placing the simple title above the photo using a foam sticker. This project is so fun and each of the elements truly represents my personality, and I cannot wait to create again with this amazing collection. Thank you so much for stopping by today!


Hi there friends! I hope you are all doing well! Tya here today and I am up once again sharing my latest batch of handmade cards with you. I got the pleasure of using the awesome “Bro & Co.” collection and I have to say – I LOVED working with this collection so much!  Maybe it’s because I have a 19 year old son who lives with me so this collection just “spoke” to me. All the funny sayings and icons were like they peeked into my son’s bedroom and read his text messages – it was so fun.

I made 8 cards with this collection. I had a ball using all the different pattern papers as well as the Bits and Pieces Ephemera, the chipboard, foam stickers, combo stickers, decorative brads and a stencil as well. All the products mixed and matched so well! Here are some close ups!

I loved the big, bold words in the Bits and Pieces- like this card with the big “cool” sentiment!

This is the card that I used the stencil on. I laid the stencil over some of the Cream Color Vibe cardstock and used some yellow ink to get the triangles on the paper. I love this geometric look!

If your teenage boys are anything like mine, they are bottomless pits when it comes to food right? I thought the addition of the tacos and this cute tag made for a fun card!

I had some fun with my watercolor paints and made a paint splattered background on this card base. Sometimes the little extras you add to cards tie into the theme and make the cards that much more fun!

This card features one of the super cool foam stickers that are part of the collection. It made for an “awesome” sentiment indeed! The foam is great for dimension on the card as well!

This card shows off some of the fun pattern papers in the collection. The denim and black and white checkerboard papers were some of my very favorites!

My son has those exact checkered Vans in his closet that are on this card as we speak! This is such a trendy collection - it has so many great icons that match exactly what teenage boys are into right now in their lives!

This last card was just a fun way to use some of the products that had the same color scheme. I challenged myself  to only use gray, red and black embellishments and papers and I think it turned out  pretty cute, if I do say so myself!

If you have a teenage boy in your life – you HAVE to pick up this collection today! Sometimes teen boy scrapbook collections can be hard to come by and this collection knocked it out of the park! It is one of my very favorite collections to date and I can’t wait to create more projects with it! I hope I have inspired you to make some of your own cards with the “Bro & Co.” collection. It would be great for birthday cards, or anytime you want to send those little studs some love with a little hello telling them how awesome they are. Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Crafting friends!


Thanks so much for stopping by the blog today. It’s Kylie back with you all to share a fun new layout I have been working on featuring the divine Simple Vintage Great Escape collection. This is a lovely ‘outdoorsy’ themed range perfect for scrapbooking and documenting any camping, picnic, bush walking or hiking photos you may have. I’ve documented some photos of my kiddos from when they were ‘much’ smaller, when we took a walk through some botanical gardens.

I love to layer papers together to create a frame. For this page I layered together ‘Made To Wander’, ‘3 x 4 elements’ and ‘4 x 6 elements’. I measure these purely by eye and cut them slightly smaller as I layer them together. I really love seeing a hint of a co-ordinating pattern and colour between layers. I always use double sided tape to adhere them together as I find glue can make the paper warp a little. Using the ‘Fern’ paper I added a decorative punched strip to the top and bottom edge of my page.

Both of my photos were printed in colour to 3.75” x 3.75” and backed with some of the ‘Nature Lover’ paper. I cut an extra 2 squares of this paper and lined them with ‘Time For Adventure’.

Each square was adhered in a grid format to the centre of my page. Using a scalloped circle punch I added a ‘Terracotta’ circle to each blank square. I wanted these to be a fun layered cluster of embellishments and add more colour to my page, so have used a combination of stickers and chipboard stickers to do so.

Oversized titles are my favourite so I couldn’t resist finishing off my page with the large ‘Wander’ word title from the chipboard stickers. Once completed it added a lovely balance to my overall design.

Thanks so much for taking a look at my layout. I hope it has given you a little inspiration for your own scrapbooking. Perhaps you have some ‘Nature’ themed photos of your own for preserving….In which case the Great Escape collection will be perfect!

Until next time!



Hello friends! It’s Mik here from Papermiks on the blog today! As soon as I saw the Kate & Ash collection, I remembered my teenage years and how amazing it was. There are always those people who are more like us, who like the same music, the same clothes, the same tv shows ... sometimes sisters, sometimes it’s friends, isn’t it? Now I ask you: how many times have you taken pictures of these moments you passed together with your friends and left the photos lying there, “lost” in your phone? Now the perfect collection has arrived for you to record these special and unforgettable moments!

Today I’ll show you a flipbook mini album inspiration that will get you along printing those photos that have been forgotten in your cell phone.

I love adding pages to my albums and here I’ll give you a tip.

If you look closely at the plastic folders that come with flipbooks, they are different from the SN@P.

You can use the Snap plastic on a flipboook, but you’ll notice that they are a little bit tight when it comes to turning the page. Which is why the flipbook pages have an extra mark. That mark makes a difference when you make the paper pages to add in the flipbook mini album.

So, here is the tip: when you make a regular page 8” ½ x 7” ½ you will need to mark the height in two places on the left side: 1º:  5/8, 2º: 1” ¼. With these marks you’ll have the perfect fold for your page, as well as the plastic folder ones.

On some of the pages, you can see that I made paper pockets and tags to add more photos.

For this pocket I used two pieces of paper 5” x 6” glued around leaving only the top part open. I marked, on the same side that I drilled at the time, 5/8 and 1 ”1/4 so that the pocket had a perfect fold to the point of leaving my pocket free.

I love to use pocket pages and some flip pockets. This gives me more space for photos and it also gives my album an interactive touch. Here's another tip. To give my card a special something, like this black and white detail, I just cut a piece of the black card and left the bottom of the card behind it showing. See how it looks different? It seems that I glued a piece on my card when in fact I just cut it out and let the card decorate the space that is missing. It was pretty cool, don’t you think? I loved it!

If you have any questions, would like to talk some more about mini albums or watch a video showing the inside of the album, come and check out my IG account. I hope you’ve got some inspiration from this idea and enjoyed it!

Thanks for stopping by and have a creative day!


Hi beautiful Simple Stories friends, Cristina here with you today to show you a new project I made with a brand new collection Kate & Ash. I totally fell in love for this new collection for colors and designs that perfectly follow my taste and my favorite elements to use in my creative world.

I had so much fun during the making and when I started to work I had no idea on which one paper to choose because I really loved all of them. So as pink and mint are my favorite combo colors I decided to use those ones.

To follow the beautiful designs and elements of this collection I chose a photo of my best friends that I really love because this photo gives me so many emotions that remind me of those beautiful moments when we were all together on a fantastic day.

I decided to cut pic and some elements in a triangle shape using different sizes. I cut triangle using a trimmer and to be sure to have the correct sizes I drawed them with a pencil before that. I used foam double tape underneath some elements to create 3d effect and I cut out some
stripes by the sheet I used as a base to have a point to catch the attention. There I made my composition.

I fussy cut those beautiful flowers from a patterned paper inside the collection kit pack and I used all of them all around the other chipboard elements used. Floral touch is a must have on my pages.

This is my project and I hope you like it and can get any kind of inspiration by it. So please don’t forget to leave us a comment below and tell us which is your own idea on how to use these collections.
Thank you so much for joining me today and see you to the next post.
Cristina xxx


Hi friends!  I hope you’re having a great day!  I’m excited to share EIGHT cards made with the new Simple Stories Bro & Co Collection!  It’s just the thing for the young men in your life!

The colors and prints are bold and masculine and the themes are perfect for different occasions you might be celebrating.  How about a congrats on that new driver’s license?

I confess I’m not up to date on all the expressions the kids use today and was greatful for my son for  interpreting the secret language you’ll find throughout the collection.  GOAT?  Ok.. Greatest of All Time.  Want a laugh?  Ask someone to tell you what YEET means! Not so easy to put some things in words.

Now Hangry?  I totally get that one.. probably describes me pretty often.. getting a little crabby because I need something to eat. 

I’ll be using these EPIC cards for birthdays, and other major achievements to celebrate!   Or maybe just a way to get my kid to smile when he’s away from home this summer.

This collection celebrates the youth of today..skateboards, guitars, pizza, tacos, video games – It’s all good!

What you’ll love is all the accessories available in this collection – decorative brads, chipboard, two types of bits and pieces die cuts, and so much more, all perfectly coordinated to work together.   Trust me, you’ll be killin’ it!

The papers in this collection are only available in 12” sheets.  When I start working I always cut out the journaling cards and then cut the remaining papers into 6” squares.  This makes them easy to manage and see all the prints at one time.

Celebrate the young men in your life and reconnect with this fun collection.  It just might surprise you just how much you really have in common!